Welcome Design Collectif

Just released the new website for Brenda Aheran of Design Collectif, a sophisticated approach to modern living. View her portfolio, product selection and her season essentials. Originally from Malibu, Brenda truly captures the Hamptons modern beach vibe.

We're Going 007 on the Z8

The BMW Z8 roadster was essentially a second generation production variant of the celebrated BMW 507 from 1956-59.  With just 5,703 of these remarkable sports cars ever built, 400 of which are here in the U.S. and all of them spoken for, the Z8 has become an instant classic.

What better way to recreate the story than with a reminder of it's history as the Z8 made it's debut in one of the classic James Bond Films: The World is Not Enough, and again in it's sequel James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire.

Exhilarating drive with the BMW Z8 captured by Joe Nadel and Mix Media Plus throughout the Hamptons' landscape for client: BMW of Southampton. Model: Noah Sanford

The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner

In the studio with designer and astrologer Amy Zerner. Known for her tapestry and esoteric wisdom these custom designed silk robes, jackets, caftans embody the ancient arts.

Made to inspire the feminine divine, Amy brings her spirit into fashion for Bergdorf's NYC and select clients. .

Porsche Plays Ball

Citified Stadium with Mixmediaplus and Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche North America

It was such a pleasure to experience the thrill of the Met's Stadium at Citifield through the viewpoint of Porsche North America. Joined by President and CEO, Mr. Klaus Zellmer and Porsche East - August 29th, 2016. Mix Media Plus captured the experience during the Mets vs. the Marlins which ended with a win for the Mets 2:1.

Behind the lens: Joe Nadel

Looking forward to collaborating on future events with Porsche TristatePorsche.com

Modern Architecture

Worlds collide between the sleek, minimalistic Audi RS 7 and Hamptons emerging, new modern construction. Both offer style + efficiency, with a bold direction of comfort. 

Accompanied by a team of creative collaborator and 560 horses under hood, we arrived in style with the supreme luxury vehicle - Audi RS7 thanks to Audi Southampton. The thrill in existence carried us in record timing, from 0 to 60 in about 3.5 seamless seconds, featuring new technologies in the virtual cockpit unlike anything we've seen before. Unanimously, the team agreed, the Audi RS7 took the lead in our books for smoothest ride, exhilarating performance and sleek design.

As we approached our destination, down a long private driveway, we were immediately impacted by the subtleties of this stately environment. Introduced by Hamptons Real Estate Agent: Chris Covert, Mix Media Plus experienced first hand the introspective angles of this modern new home, remnant of Frank Loyd Wright. From room to room, theres a unique juxtaposition of interlaced space between indoor and outdoor living. A sense of warmth invites guests to explore the inner landscape of this modern layout. Designed and build by LABhaus.

Taste the East End

Proud to participate in the commercial by 91 East Productions in support of spreading the positive messages of what our local community has to offer year-round here in the Hamptons - 'The East End.'