5 Reasons Why

#1 #Meditation increases serotonin naturally while decreasing cortisol levels by 50%. An effective method to decrease stress and anxiety.

#2 #Inhaling deep breathes for at least 20 minutes helps to decrease inflammation in the body allowing you to heal faster.

#3 Practicing #stillness in #silence improves mental cognitive functions, memory and stimulates regrowth of the brain.

#4 Meditation increases grey matter in the brain and over time enhances the ability to generate #gammawaves - only the most important #energeticwaves in the #electromagnetic spectrum.

#5 Mood regulation. Meditation has been found to be as effective as antidepressants when treating anxiety and depression.


Just Breathe

Celebrating World Mental Health Day with Lululemon and affiliates at the Atlantic Terrace in Montauk with VIP guest yoga instructor Kay Kay Clivio of Pure Yoga NYC.